My Wealthy Affiliate Review – And Just So You Know, I’m In Love With This Place!

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate

Overall Rating: 9.5 out of 10

Owners: Kyle & Carson

Price: Starter Membership – $0

Price: Premium Membership – $49/month, or $359/yearly lump sum

Expertise: Newbie – Expert


Wealthy Affiliate Rating

What Exactly is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate is, in a nutshell, an online “school”. Don’t let the word school scare you away though! I’ll have to say, it doesn’t feel like school. It has just been a lot of fun, at least for me… and from chatting with those in the community, it seems to be the vibe I’m getting from them as well.

I say it’s a “school” because you do learn how to create a successful, online affiliate business. With the training they offer, you can build a full-fledged, quality website up and running as fast, or even as slow, as you’d like to get it completed. If you are unsure of what affiliate marketing is, read my Get Started article.

Unlike “school”, there are no deadlines… You learn and work at your own pace. Nice huh?

Another thumbs up is that Wealthy Affiliate is an online community that you can participate in free of charge or as a paid community member. Of course, the paid membership has more benefits, but there is the free option for anyone wanting to test the waters first.

And because it is a community, it is like no other. Not only can you personally get in touch with the founders of the website (they are also very active within the online community), but there is an active chat that is open 24/7. On there are members ranging from newbie to expert; members who have no clue as to what they are doing (I was there!) to well-seasoned affiliates.

All these people are readily available for you to ask questions. No need to to feel stuck, alone, or desperate. If they do not have the answers, a lot of times they can point you towards the direction of help. And I have to say, I have not yet ran into a rude community member. If anything, everyone has been very supportive, positive, and willing to help.

Here is a screen shot of what it looks like from the inside of my premium member account. The sentences in red and everything boxed in red outline is my doing to show you that it really is my account and to emphasis some things.

WA Live Chat Picture Example

Why Wealthy Affiliate?

So, where do I begin? Because I can sing the praises of Wealthy Affiliate all day long. Yea, I know, it’s over the top… My title… My mushy compliments… But seriously. That’s just exactly what I want to express.

If you are looking to start an online business, especially an online affiliate marketing business, then you CANNOT goWA Black Friday wrong here. A week or two ago, I signed up for Wealthy Affiliate’s Black Friday Deal of only $299/year. What a deal, considering it is $359/year on a regular sign up! (Yea, this is a heads up for next time! Don’t miss it.)

After I signed up, I got a congratulations message from Kyle. I told him that I’m going to do better this year than this past year. Why? I hadn’t really put my head into my work and considered quitting (because of the lousy work I had done), but this is what I told him: It’s hard to quite and leave Wealthy Affiliate, because I know that if I do, it would be all on me.

In other words, at Wealthy Affiliate, you are given all the tools, support, education, and encouragement needed to succeed. Oh, did I say needed? More like, more than you could ask, want, or do! With all that said, what then is offered at Wealthy Affiliate?

What does Wealthy Affiliate Offer?

If you are serious about starting an online business, then you will NOT, by all means, be lacking at Wealthy Affiliate. They give you the whole rundown, the A – Z (whatever you want to call it).

A To Z Diaz

Wealthy Affiliate is truly the ONE STOP place to learn, grow, and build a successful online business. With consistent participation and quality work, you will truly become an expert as the years roll by.

Here are just a few things that Wealthy Affiliate has to offer in order for anyone to succeed. And to be fair, what I also consider to be cons.


  • Caters to the most clueless novice (which I was) to the most advanced in this field.
  • Private access to owners (you will probably not find that happening anywhere else).
  • Get help from a pay-it-forward “community” of 10,000’s of users. Never feel like you have to figure things out on your own!
  • Website Support Available 24/7/365. Website back-up available as well.
  • Sign up within the first 7 days and get the first premium month for a 59% discount.
  • Two FREE, beautifully designed websites available with starter program; 50 with the premium membership.
  • Task-based courses, no background knowledge needed (did I mention I was clueless?).
  • Training is consistent, current, organized, and very comprehensive. Sign up as you will, no required training.
  • What you learn can be applied outside of affiliate marketing. Build websites for promoting different things, ideas, causes, business, etc. Why? The principles for advertising and promoting ANYTHING are the same.
  • Leave anytime, hassle free! (Trust me, I left once, but obviously I came back).
  • And now the BIG ONE, the “Tech Appeal”: Free Starter Program. No Strings Attached! (Trust me, I did it). Learn for yourself, first hand, what this is all about!


  • The premium program is $49/month. That is not a little bit of money, however…
  • You can pay a yearly lump price of  $359/year, which drops it down to about $29.92/month. Still not a little bit of money, but definitely nicer.
  • Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick deal, if that is what you are looking for.
  • Can be overwhelming because of all the tools, training, and information offered. Good thing is nothing is required; learn and do what you want at your own pace.

If you would like a better idea on how to starting building your own site, visit my Build Your Site article.

Who Can Succeed at Wealthy Affiliate?

WA Stop StrugglingHonestly…

1) Anyone who can read, type, and does not mind blogging.

2) Has access to a computer/mobile device and internet access.

3) Has, at most, $49/month to spare. Note, I typed “at most.” It could be less. 🙂

3) And is committed to creating a quality online business.

End of story 🙂


Tools and Training Offered at Wealthy Affiliate

The tools and training offered at Wealthy Affiliate, in my opinion, surpasses any program out there that offers to teach you the same thing as Wealthy Affiliate.

There are two courses that they offer:

1.) Certification Course composed of 5 courses containing 10 lessons/course that teaches you how to build top notch affiliate websites from bottom up. No background knowledge in website building or affiliate marketing is required. They will train you from scratch!

Here is a screen shot of a Wealthy Affiliate blog post of a Wealthy Affiliate member (DomW) who has learned to market himself via Wealthy Affiliate. He was able to achieve this earning after 4 years at Wealthy Affiliate. This is just one of the many success stories at Wealthy Affiliate 😉 . Click on the image to read his testimony.

WA Top Earner Picture Example

2.) Wealthy Affiliate Bootcamp Course (7 courses, 10 lessons/course). Here they train you to be an affiliate specifically for them, and you do not need any background knowledge as well! They will walk you step by step towards a full-blown affiliate website!

The screenshot below is to show you just the top of the surface of what is being offered at Wealthy Affiliate.

  • To the right is the live chat feed.
  • To the left is the Certification Course button in green that will take you to the last lesson you left off.
  • The SiteRubix button takes you to the page where you can buy domains and build/manage your website(s).
  • The black Affiliate Bootcamp button takes you to the last lesson you left off for Wealthy Affiliate’s Bootcamp training. This training is not required (nothing is required!), but I highly recommend doing it first! I state why in a couple paragraphs in my Get Started page.
  • Live Video Classes, to the left, are offered most, if not every Friday evening. Again, nothing is required. If you want to but cannot attend, they have recordings for you to access any time!
  • In the top middle area are tabs for Activity (activity contributed by the community), Classrooms (lessons/discussions/tutorials/videos on any topic you are questioning), Top 10 (blogs & training), and My Notifications (your account notification feed).
  • At the very top is a Search Bar… any question or topic you are searching for can be typed here.

Inside Wealthy Affiliate Picture Example

Like I said, this is just the surface of what you can leverage to succeed from at Wealthy Affiliate. Seriously, go ahead and take a look for yourself with a free starter account. There is just too much good to write down in one article.


For all its worth, the price is great. If you are serious and put forth the effort… that price will eventually be as peanuts.

Peanuts Silva

As stated above and through my review, there is a free starter membership. If you like what you see, you can sign up for premium membership for $49/month, or pay a yearly lump sum of $359/year. The yearly price takes you down to about $29.92/month.

My Final Verdict and Summary

Thumbs Up Davide Guglielmo

Legitimacy is not even an issue here, if you haven’t already picked up on that. BUT! … For the sake of the review, I will say… IT IS 100% LEGIT!!!

Wealthy Affiliate is a top-rated, quality, online service and community where you will find all and more that you need to succeed at becoming a wealthy affiliate.

You can check out Wealthy Affiliate for free or sign up for premium membership.WA Starter

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Far from it. How far you go, how much you will earn, and how good you will become at what you do depends all on YOU!

You will put in work… a lot of work at first! But if you do the courses faithfully and put out quality work every time… and yes, this business involves work. Writing type of work. But no stress, it’s the kind of writing that’s like talking to a friend… NO REALLY!

So I was saying… If you do the courses faithfully and put out quality work every time… You will go far.

Once you build a solid foundation and with time, you will see that you will earn more and work less. YES REALLY!

So… This is my take and I’m sticking to it. See you around 🙂

As always, if you have any questions or comments, leave them below!




  1. Hi Charienna,

    Great information. I really liked the idea that you can ask a question anytime and get a quick response. Working online can get lonely if you are trying to figure everything out by yourself.

    • Right on Steve. I think that is why a lot of people just love to be here at Wealthy Affiliate. I know personally and first hand, that leaving WA is like letting go of a security blanket. I left once to find a better hosting price, thinking I did not need support anymore and just try to figure things out by myself. Well, long story short, and OBVIOUSLY. I am back! LoL. This is the place to be!

  2. Antilena

    Hey Charienna,

    Thank you for the information about Wealthy Affiliate, it sounds like a great platform to work from and build a business of your own with support which is exactly what I am looking for.

    What if I am not good at writing?

    To Your Success!


    • Hi Antilena!

      Thanks for stopping by. I’m glad you found this review helpful. To answer your question, blogging is something that isn’t hard, but it takes some practice and getting used to. First of all, I will say, follow the lessons faithfully. They give you all you need to succeed. Also, if you mean you are not good in writing as to the area of grammar, spelling, and puncuation, I would suggest taking some basic writing classes. Nothing serioius. This is just if you are very horrible. But if you are talking about idea flow and sharing your knowledge, then it is not a problem. Writing should be like talking to a friend. As Kyle said, write from the hip. Just remember to keep it clear and succinct since people don’t like to read a lot. It’s surprising, at first you think, “Oh my, what do I write!” But trust me, you will have a lot to say and actually have to try to cut it down.

      All the best to you and your endeavors! See you around!

  3. Hi Charienna!
    Everything you said and more! It’s easy to sound like you’re over selling Wealthy Affiliate when you’re just being honest. I’ve seen my share of money making programs and WA is NOTHING like the rest. Unmatched training & hands on experience for everything internet and the community is the best! Five minutes and you’re hooked! Gonna stop before this comment starts to sound like a sales pitch lol :). Great review – two thumbs up!
    – Joe

    • Lol! I know Joe! I sound the same when I leave comments on other people’s WA reviews! I really do love it and it just flows out. I can’t say it enough although I have already been dinged on saying it too much. But I can’t help it!

      I wish all the best to you as well Joe! Take care and see you around 🙂

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