Earn $$$ Regardless!

Do you have a hobby that you just love so much regardless of whether it will bring you a ton of money or not, but still want to affiliate market it?

Well, here are some tips that will help give it more of an upper hand:

The Boxer

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  1. First of all, build a website for it! This is the irreplaceable starting point.
  2. Be consistent with putting out content, whether it is once a day, once a week, once a month… Be consistent. Of course, the more frequent the better, but as long as visitors can see that you are active on your site, they will be more trusting of what you have to offer.
  3. Stick to your topic/niche. People follow blogs for a specific reason and information relevant to that topic is what they anticipate to get. If they start getting information on food on a website that looks like it’s geared toward hair styles, then they lose interest. This was an extreme example to illustrate my point 🙂
  4. Make sure the information you put out is as close to accurate as possible (do your research). The last thing you want is to lose credibility and therefore your followers’ trust.
  5. Try to deliver information in a short and succinct way. People, nowadays, like to get their information in “quick bites”. Try to pack all your relevant information in less words… Not too lengthy, not too short is the key. But don’t worry too much about it, just make sure that in the end, your message comes across in a clear way. If you find it is too long, break it up into several pages/posts!
  6. To the best of your knowledge, use correct spelling and grammar – this helps with building trust and credibility with your visitors, whom you want to turn into followers.
  7. Share your pages and post through several social networks and be consistent about it. As soon as you publish a page/post, immediately share it through your social networks. Try to make it a habit. Why? That’s where the people are at!

Why would the above seven points help with a not so popular hobby?

Handshake Trust

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If you do all of the above, you help people become familiar with your passion. In time, they may find relevance in it for something in their life. And because you were consistently there “talking” about it, you will probably be the first go to person on their list.

You got their attention with your consistent output of information on your niche, thus you became familiar to them and therefore they developed trust in you.

Integrate these points in your work and you should be able to make any hobby fly in the affiliate marketing world. All the best!

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